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ALADDIN (Hu-Bey Sheekh)

Aladdin is a registered Arabian gelding who does it all but he does it with a bit of “attitude.”  He is favored by intermediate and advanced riders alike.  

CABBIE (El Rey de San Jorge)

Cabbie is an ornery Paso Fino gelding ridden by Ann and Mia.  His unique gait makes him unlike any other horse in the barn.  We refer to him as Ann’s “toy horse.”


Cutter is a Kentucky Mountain Horse ridden by Ann.  He is a gaited horse, which makes him particularly comforatble to ride, and Ann's favorite to take on trails.


Magnum is a horse we previously owned and got back.  He's an Arab cross and a gelding with some years on him.  He is a gentle guy and is leased and cared for by Carla.

MISTIC (Mistic Warrior NB)

Mistic is a majestic Arabiangelding.  Since he is still highlyspirited his use is limited to our most advanced riders. He is a talentedjumper and has completed a few endurance rides. 


Raven is, we think, part Spotted Saddle Horse. She is a sweet and gentle mare and she is good for beginner and intermediate riders. We are hoping that she will be part of our jumping program in the future.


Scout is one of our newer lesson horses. He is a Quarter Horse gelding and we have already begun using him for our intermediate riders. He is also the barn's escape artist as he has a real knack for opening door latches.

STORM (Storm Shadow)

Storm is an Anglo/Arab gelding who had a very successful career as an endurance horse before becoming a school horse.  He is a natural athlete and skilled jumper and is reserved for our more experienced riders.  

TWISTER (Gooses Top Twister)

Twister is a registered Quarter Horse gelding that is used for intermediate to advanced riders.  

WIDGET (Turks Cap)

Widget is a registered Quarter Horse gelding that was put to work the first week we got him.  We had an argument over what to call him and when you can’t decide what to call something, you call it a widget, don’t you?  Anyway, thus his name.  


Murphy is a miniature donkey.  He was born in April of 2009 and he spent the summer at MetroParks Farm in Canfield.  He loves attention and is making lots of new friends.